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Leipzig, 3 May 2012

I welcome you to this new site: a discussion forum dedicated to a typeface, to its friends, users and critics.

Andron is in its 12th year of development and in its 10th year of use by now. This is anything but a great span of time for a typeface. But for me and, I dare to say, for its users too it has been a great adventure to the day. At the beginning there was a simple yet somewhat monstrous idea: to make several scripts living alongside in one font and in one grade of quality. Ever since I had this concept I did my best to care for “my baby” in due fashion. But, what brought the child actually to live was the confidence and enthusiasm of you, of the users. Andron would not have become what it is today without the tremendous impact from the user side I was happy to experience. I just want to say: THANK YOU!

Many insights I owe not only to users, but also to participants of the Typophile community forum. During years of constant dialogue with customers and users the idea of a “friends of” forum evolved eventually. Now was the time to wage it. I feel a great responsibility to maintain the development of Andron for a long time to come. And I thought it was time to back the communication about this development by further means. – This is an experiment.

I hereby invite you to participate on this site: whoever, wherever or whatever you are. Ask questions, propose to future additions, report bugs, offer critique, praise your favourite glyphs, share your inspiration, present your own work with Andron … enjoy being a guest to or a member of the Andron community. This place will be what you will make out of it.

This is a bloody beginning! I beg for your patience since you’ll find not everything perfect right from the start. I will administrate this site myself and will do my best to steadily improve it – promised! I shall elaborate a little more about features and functions very soon; meanwhile I just want to say: pop in and take off! W E L C O M E –

Yours sincerely,
Andreas Stötzner

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