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A codified character repertoire for Danish dialectology (Dania Character Repertoire, DCR) is currently under development, as a joint venture of the Ømålsordbogen (Copenhagen University) and Andreas Stötzner (Leipzig).
The goal is to make the peculiar traditional phonetic notation of Dania running with modern digital font technology. In order to accomodate those special characters which are not yet encoded a special PUA encoding scheme within the LINCUA framework has been drafted. The codespace of F240 to F27F is to be furnished with special Dania characters. A further codespace from F280 onwards shall be kept reserved for possible future additions.
The design of the DANIA-PUA character set is in line with proven MUFI PUA policy.

The new LINCUA-DANIA character set. This set covers those characters of the DCR which needed new codepoints.

The Dania Character Repertoire (draft).
white – existing UC codepoints
cyan – new Dania base glyph characters (PUA)
green – new Dania precomposed characters (PUA)
yellow – precomposed characters already encoded (LINCUA-PUA)

#2 RE: Under development: The Dania Character Repertoire von KarlP 22.10.2012 18:47

1. Why not make an Unicode proposal?
With enough source material at hand and a project description
of Ømålsordbogen (Copenhagen University) and maybe additional
supporters, we can make a proposal in time for the UTC meeting of
February 2013, to get it into the ISO/IEC 10646 standardization
process at the SC2/WG2 meeting of June 2013, which happens to
be in Vilnius where it is easy for European specialists to

Also, I know that Michael Everson already has done some work on
that subject.

2. Some of the characters probably are to be unified with already
encoded characters (e.g. F240 with U+0251 LATIN SMALL LETTER ALPHA)
or characters from German dialectology which are currently in the
encoding process (e.g. F251 with U+AB4B LATIN SMALL LETTER SCRIPT R).

Best wishes
Karl Pentzlin

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