#1 OpenType for Andron Mega? von Androneas 1 05.03.2013 18:29


I have been asked “will there be an Andron Mega OT?” several times, by various users. This thread opening is to possibly achieve an answer.

1st, an Andron Mega OT is feasible, but only as a joint effort. The sheer size of the typeface makes it impossible for me to venture for that task alone. Not to speak of the many script systems it embraces, the many operating systems it is to work with properly. The task is a very complex one.

2nd, I like to make the suggestion of a workgroup of volunteers who are interested in developing and using Andron Mega in OT mode. The general Andron licence model does not permit technical changes to the fonts by the users, for good reasons. But for such a project, we speak about opening the source files under the terms of a special agreement.

3rd, Andron remains a very special product, for me it is the spine of my income and I expect that it will have to remain just that in the future. For that very reason the prospect of shifting Andron to some “open-source-project” level is out of the question so far. So we would have to think about a model that
a – allows developers to gain advantage from their special input and collaboration;
b – allows me to generally maintain Andron as a commercial product, even the new OT versions developed collectively.

Now, how to proceed?

• Are you interested in running an Andron Mega OT with advanced feature functionality?
• If yes, would you be willing/able to join a project group “Andron Mega OT development” and share your input ?

I know that some of you have already done preliminary works upon Andron OT feature programming. I would like to see what happens, when these endeavours get shared and developed further as a joint effort. Similar to an open source project but under the condition of a particular agreement and limited membership.

We’d have to negotiate the terms of that kind of work and of licensing. I would like to reach a win-win situation. So that developers would benefit from their own work (improved usage, maybe free future upgrades!?), and I in turn, for giving the source files off hand, would be allowed to implement this project’s results into future versions of Andron Mega.

What do you think? Please post your thoughts right here.

#2 RE: OpenType for Andron Mega? von Capillatus 05.03.2013 19:10

Dear Andreas, all,

I would definitely be interested in a full-fledged Andron Mega OT. I myself have indeed worked on some OpenType functionality already, but a collaborative effort is obviously interesting, with the great benefit of sharing ideas and potential features, implementations, etc. And obviously, even with this work from some others, the largest effort in the font is still yours, Andreas, and as such should still be a commercial product. So, yes to both questions.

Best regards,


#3 RE: OpenType for Andron Mega? von furrabi 05.03.2013 23:57

Dear all,

I specialize in medieval philosophy, not in the making of fonts, so I may not be of much help, but I’d gladly be a tester and contribute any observations I can. My technical experience is limited to two years of using luaTeX with fontspec, and examining (but not editing) fonts in Fontforge on Debian GNU/Linux. I’ve learned a few things from dealing with the peculiarities of other fonts in my embarrassingly large collection, but nothing systematic, so my contributions would be spotty (and probably confined to the summers, when I’m not teaching).

That said, my income depends on surviving the semester, not on perfecting fonts; I would not expect remuneration for anything I managed to contribute, and I agree that the result should remain a commercial product.

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