#1 May 2013: Andron Mega vs. 1.4 is under way von Androneas 1 07.05.2013 14:57


Works for upgrading Andron Mega to vs. 1.4 are currently under way. Apart from several rather peculiar adjustments and improvments there are some major additions to be expected, such as
– an extended set of more than 100 special Runic characters (in the Italic font);
– a new set set of Dania characters (Danish phonetic notation) in the PUA (also in the Italic);
– new Ugaritic block 10380 (in the Regular);
– new Alchemical block 1F700 (in the Regular).

Further suggestions for possible additions or improvements can be submitted until June 15, 2013.

#2 New PUA characters proposed von Androneas 1 19.09.2013 21:27


Three new minuscule ligature characters have been required by colleagues from the Arnamagnaeanean Institute in Copenhagen, to be supported in the upcoming vs. 1.4 of Andron Mega:
• o_o lig. with curl
• d-rotunda_v lig.
• g_v lig.

These characters appear to have not yet been testified or realized elsewhere. If you have related information or critique about adding them, please make a statement.
The 3 characters will be assigned to the codepoints EAD3, EAD4 and EAD5

#3 RE: May 2013: Andron Mega vs. 1.4 is under way von karlmedlicott 24.09.2013 05:51


You speak of
"rather peculiar adjustments",
& new Runic characters
(in the Italic font);
may we have a little look?

#4 Andron Mega vs. 1.4, preview of additions von Androneas 1 24.09.2013 12:30


Here it comes:

The new alchemical Block

A selection of the new Dania characters (Danish dialectology).
The whole range comprises 54 new characters.

A new set of special Icelandic Runes


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