#1 Oct. 2013: Andron Mega vs. 1.4 von Androneas 1 17.10.2013 18:32


I take the pleasure to announce the release of version 1.4 of the Andron Mega Corpus font package.

For the very first time this package contains 6 instead of 5 fonts: an entirely new Small Caps Italic has been added.

Besides numerous minor additions, adjustments and improvements a couple of major novelties seem to be worth mentioning:
• new Ugaritic script block
• new Alchemical block
• many new Pictographs (known from “Andron Publix”, but so far not a part of Andron Mega)
• a new special Runic extension set
• a new Dania character set in the PUA, for Danish dialectology.

Part of those extensions are the result of institutional cooperations. Many thanks go to Dr. Henrik Hofmark from Copenhagen University and to Prof. Wilhelm Heizmann and his colleagues at Munich University. For most valuable hints and suggestions I am grateful to Prof. Gerhard Endreß (Bochum), Florian Grammel (Copenhagen), Prof. Odd Einar Haugen (Bergen) and Matthias Hoffmann (Munich).

Andron Mega 1.4 contains 14.700 glyphs, that is almost a Thousands more than the previous version.

Licencees of Andron Mega can obtain an upgrade at a modest fare, as usual. For more details and purchase options please go to the Andron Mega site: http://www.signographie.de/cms/front_content.php?idart=215.
There’s also a special fare for licencees who wish to obtain the single font Andron Mega Cp SC Italic: €39 / $54.
The regular price for this font is €49 / $68.

#2 Andron Mega vs. 1.4, preview von Androneas 1 17.10.2013 18:38


Now some previews of the major additions.

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