#1 Andron Unicials in progress von Androneas 1 10.05.2012 20:57


I have been working on middlecase Andron letters for years. Maybe, its time for a release?

So far Latin, Greek, Coptic and Gothic are worked on. This is a 1st preview.

#2 RE: Andron Unicials in progress von Capillatus 10.05.2012 21:10

I've got to say: This is looking really really good! But of course that was not unexpected :P

#3 RE: Andron Unicials in progress von karlmedlicott 18.06.2012 09:38


Is this "Andron Medior",
to complement the "Minor" & "Major"
(as with "Lapidaria")?

#4 Medior &cª von Androneas 1 19.06.2012 11:59


Yes, Andron MC Uncial actually is “Andron Medior”, whereas Andron MC Capital matches the Maior sorts of Lapidaria. I choose a different terminology for the new Andron fonts, considering the special Andron naming schedule and possible future additions which then might get accomodated. The new Andron MC fonts have two medior sorts by now (uncial and capital), a third one (minuscule) would be another option.

see more: June 2012: New Andron uncial fonts available

Welcome, Karl Medlicott!

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