#1 On musical notation: a new book von Androneas 1 19.06.2012 12:48


On last saturday (June 16) Swiss editor Schwabe Verlag Basel presented a new treatise upon musical notation by author Karin Paulsmeier. Karin Paulsmeier is the world’s leading expert on the subject, she has been teaching Notationskunde at the well-known Schola Cantorum Basilensis for 33 years. She also holds lectures and courses in many countries.

Musicians performing Early Music have been waiting for this book for many years. It is supposed to be the first part (in two volumes) of a three-part series which is to embrace the history of western musical notation from the 12th to the beginning of the 19th century.

I have been given the wonderful and honourable task to typeset the contents of this book. The text volume measures 270 pages, the facsimile volume (with registers) about 160 pages.
The incorporation of all the musical characters into the text was the most fascinating aspect for me in this work. I could draw on earlier experiences of the kind, when I first collaborated with Karin Paulsmeier in 2004 on the Signa Nº 4 issue “Der Punkt in der Musik” (“On the dot in music”).

Here just a modest preview of the 1st volume’s typography.

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